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Installing Crashplan 4.5 on Headless Ubuntu Server with X11 Forwarding

Running Crashplan on a Headless Server is Officially Unsupported

A while ago my Crashplan installation stopped working (probably became out of date) and I’ve recently migrated the rest of my services and applications over to Docker containers, which I have been very happy with. So I didn’t anticipate too much trouble when trying to move Crashplan into a docker container as well, however I was running into difficulties because Crashplan requires the GUI for configuration. The xeor/crashplan ( image seemed like the perfect fit, it would make Crashplan Desktop accessible via VNC. However after fiddling with this, it turns out Crashplan has made some updates which has broken this image. read more

Mautic Review - Free Open Source Marketing Automation

Mautic Review & Overview – Open Source Marketing Automation Tool

What is Marketing Automation

If you are in the marketing field you have probably heard of the term marketing automation, as there are now a handful of software tools which pride themselves on their marketing automation prowess. If not, you have seen the work of marketing automation systems first hand as a consumer, whether you knew it or not.

Marketing automation is the use of software to automate the management and execution of marketing campaigns, including customer segmentation, scheduling, and tracking, in a way that is more efficient and more effective than what is possible manually. These systems provide a seamless omni-channel experience for prospects as they convert into customers across the various interactions they have with your brand via website, email, social media, etc. read more

Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 – Zoom to Scroll

Have you ever wished that the zoom slider on your Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000 Keyboard could be used to scroll instead scroll? I surely found the zoom button placed right in the middle of my keyboard to be a major waste of prime real estate and set out to re-purpose it for scrolling.

First, make sure that you install the lastest version of the Microsoft software (found here). Not only will this installation allow you to make the adjustment being discussed, but it will also allow you to customize the actions for the rest of the shortcut keys. For example, I reassigned the email button to open a webpage right to instead of having it open Outlook (default behavior). read more

Alternative to Google Apps for Business – Zoho

I am working on a little project with a friend over at so I went to sign up for a Google Apps for Business account in order to get both of us some business email addresses. For those of you who don’t know, this service allows businesses to use the Google Apps suite of products with their custom domain name instead of

To my surprise Google has stopped offering their free 10 user accounts back in December and I began looking for hosted alternatives as I did not want to configure a mail-server on my VPS hosting. read more

Installing Xen or Xen Cloud Platform from USB

When downloading Xen or Xen Cloud Platform you get an iso which I initially tried loading on my usb stick using unetbootin which is my typical go-to for linux installations. However, I was having troubles and wasn’t able to boot into the installation.

I found the following directions from darkod on the Ubuntu forums here which enabled me to successfully complete the installation.

1. Open the usb stick and in the root rename syslinux.cfg to syslinux.old
2. In the folder boot/isolinux, find and rename isolinux.bin to syslinux.bin, isolinux.cfg to syslinux.cfg
3. Go back and rename the whole folder isolinux to syslinux read more

Boot VMWare Workstation from USB using Plop

I found the guide below when trying to boot a VMWare Workstation virtual machine from a USB stick with a bootable image of XenServer that I created using the great utility UNetbootin.

VMWare does not have an option in the BIOS to boot from a USB device so in order to accomplish that I followed the instructions below by Vladan Seget which explains how the use the Plop boot manager.

01. Download boot manager from PLoP
02. Use the Iso in the boot manager as a boot device to boot your VM
03. Add an USB adapter to your VM (if not already done).
04. Insert your USB stick with ESXi 4 installed in it.
05. When your VM boots from that ISO, just select USB from the menu. read more

How to Enable mod_rewrite with Apache2 on Ubuntu

When I want to setup a webserver on a fresh virtual machine for testing I use the standard command to install of Apache2, php5, and mysql:

sudo apt-get install apache2 php5-mysql libapache2-mod-php5 mysql-server phpmyadmin

I am currently playing around with CakePHP which requires mod_rewrite to be enabled. In order to turn this on you need to enter the following commands from any location in the terminal:

sudo a2enmod rewrite

And then just restart the apache2 service:

sudo service apache2 restart

PS3 Media Server on Ubuntu

I have my fileserver set up to run a variety of tasks since it is always on. One of the things I like is the ability to stream a variety of videos to my PS3. Natively the PS3 has limited file support for streaming so transcoding using a great open source program called PS3 Media Server is necessary.

A member of the PS3 Media Server forum, Paissad put together this great script that goes through the entire installation process.

The only configuration that needs to be done is going to /etc/pms-linux/PMS.conf and specifying what folders you want to share. read more

Installing Ventrilo Server on Ubuntu 10.10

I found a great guide to installing Ventrilo on Ubuntu 9.10, I followed the steps and it worked perfectly on my installation of 10.10 as well. It fills in all the gaps that official ventrilo installation guide has.

Source: Brandon Williams @

If you’re running a 64bit version of Ubuntu, you must install the 32bit libs

# sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

Create a user for ventrilo to run under

# sudo useradd ventrilo
read more