Installing Ventrilo Server on Ubuntu 10.10

I found a great guide to installing Ventrilo on Ubuntu 9.10, I followed the steps and it worked perfectly on my installation of 10.10 as well. It fills in all the gaps that official ventrilo installation guide has.

Source: Brandon Williams @

If you’re running a 64bit version of Ubuntu, you must install the 32bit libs

# sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

Create a user for ventrilo to run under

# sudo useradd ventrilo

Download the linux version to your home directory (or another temp directory of your choosing), extract the files and change current directory to what we just extracted

# tar -xzf ventrilo_srv-3.0.3-Linux-i386.tar.gz
# cd ventsrv

Move the vent binaries to /usr/bin and make them executable

# sudo mv ventsrv/ventrilo_srv /usr/bin/ventrilo_srv
# sudo mv ventsrv/ventrilo_status /usr/bin/ventrilo_status
# sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/ventrilo_srv /usr/bin/ventrilo_status

Make a directory for the config files and then move them there.
Give ventrilo user access

# sudo mkdir /etc/ventrilo
# sudo mv ventrilo_srv.ini /etc/ventrilo/ventrilo_srv.ini
# sudo chown -R ventrilo:ventrilo /etc/ventrilo

Make vent start when computer boots

  • Create the init.d script
  • Copy the contents of  this init.d script to that file
  • Make it executable and add it to boot sequence

    # sudo nano /etc/init.d/ventrilo
    # sudo chmod 755 /etc/init.d/ventrilo
    # sudo update-rc.d ventrilo defaults

Test to see if it works

# sudo /etc/init.d/ventrilo start

You should see something like the following, where 21626 will be the process ID of vent server

* Starting VOIP server ventrilo
21626: old priority 0, new priority -5
[ OK ]

11 thoughts on “Installing Ventrilo Server on Ubuntu 10.10

  1. Ben Wagner Post author

    Ventrilo runs on port 3784 by default so if you are running this from a PC at your home you will likely need to forward that port in your router settings.

  2. IMontoya

    Init script doesn’t work in Ubuntu 12.04 Server. Throws a renice usage blurb. Comment out the renice line, says it starts ok, but doesn’t actually start. No errors, nothing in the logs. Just nothing. Otherwise an awesome tutorial.

  3. Alex

    Init script was complaining for me in 12.04 as well but after the first manual stop and start it seems to not be complaining anymore. Wish I could root cause the problem.

  4. DevilShadow

    insserv: warning: script ‘K01ventrilo’ missing LSB tags and overrides
    insserv: warning: script ‘ventrilo’ missing LSB tags and overrides
    i dont know what i do whrong… i have this problem if i do the command: sudo update-rc.d ventrilo defaults
    so please can anyone help me

  5. Artifix

    Seems like it should work, but the script keeps giving me everything under “*)” instead of starting, stopping, or restarting; I entered the script exactly as is in the link, but something seems to me wrong on my end.
    I’m on Kubuntu 12.10, but it should still work, I would think.

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