Windows Home Server not Virtualized Benchmark

I tried bypassing the virtualization solution and wanted to see what kind of performance I could get running straight off the hardware kind of like a benchmark so I have something to compare WHS VM performance to. I installed WHS directly on my secondary PC and have seen pretty good results so far. File transfers have been generally ranging from 40-50MB/s and I was able to stream a 10Gb 1080p .MKV file with no stuttering and basically immediate response to FF/RW requests.

I did once see transfer speeds below 1MB/s but it worked fine before and after that. I am assuming the slow speeds in that instance were do to the storage balancer since it was shortly after I had turned on some folder duplication and it was likely moving large amounts of data. Although I have no proof, if it happens again I will try to track it down.

I think I will try tweaking this WHS installation a bit and then perhaps try running a virtual machine on top of WHS to see how that works (many people have reported success).

Note: I did notice that another computer on my gigabit network was able to get transfer speeds in the range of 80-90Mb/s so this has left me wondering why I cannot achieve these speeds with my primary pc. It can perhaps be due to a low quality NIC or mismatched settings. In the future I will work on optimizing the connection on my main pc to achieve these speeds.

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