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Switching from Remember the Milk to Producteev with Astrid

A couple of days ago the popular Android tasks application, Astrid, announced that they will no longer be able to provide task syncing with Remember the Milk. Astrid did however give users the option of running an older version of Astrid or a version with certain features disabled (these features violated RTMs ToS and are the reason for this announcement). Additionally, Astrid will work with Producteev and Google Tasks.

I have chosen to jump ship from RTM and try out Producteev which seems to have many of the same features as RTM and the ones that GTasks lack, such as tagging. I was wondering how I was going to get all my tasks/assignments in the middle of the semester over to this new service, but figured I would just try syncing all my information into Producteev with Astrid and cross my fingers.

I signed up for a Producteev account and opened up Astrid on my Droid. I typed in my new credentials under the sync settings for Producteev and a sync began. I opened up the Producteev website and my tasks were immediately popping up, one at a time. To finish up, within Astrid I logged out of RTM sync.

In just a few minutes all my tasks had been accurately moved from RTM to Producteev using Astrid and now I can continue syncing my tasks from my phone to the cloud for safe keeping and easy editing while staying with the most up to date version of Astrid for my phone.

One thought on “Switching from Remember the Milk to Producteev with Astrid

  1. kprimus

    ben, I love you. I have been having problems with duplication of list items. i tried killing reminders but having to sync from RTM, Producteev and Gcalkendar I was spending more time checking off duplicates of synced tasks instead of entering them. I got frustratated for a a few months and stopped using the tools altogether even though i found them valuable. But i wasn’t sure which i can get rid of to streamline my lists. If i get rid of rtm, will i lose astrid completely? is astrid a part of producteev? what is most compatible with gcalendar? or yahoo calendar? or, for crap’s sake, sure, outlook? if i get rid of a rtm or producteev, will i lose the syncing capability on my phone?
    anyway, i will try to get rid of rtm altogether and see what happens. thanks for posting this.

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